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What Is Considered Light Work Duty in New York?

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You’ve been injured in a workplace accident in New York and now your doctor has cleared you to return to light duty or restricted duty work. What does this mean? You Are Still RecoveringIf your doctor says you can return to light duty work, it means you’re still recovering and can still be considered partially disabled. So, you’re not yet able to return to your previous duties—at least, n Read More..


Deadlines to Know for Your SC Workers Comp Claim

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When you’re injured at work, it can feel like time is flying by. You need help recovering from your injuries, but your deadlines can feel tight. Unfortunately, that makes it a little more difficult to focus on getting your workers comp benefits. When you’re seeking workman’s comp benefits, you’ll need help focusing on your deadlines and acting on time. You’ll need help recovering compe Read More..


Heavy Machinery Injuries at Work: Qualifying for SC Work Comp

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If you work in a factory, a warehouse, or in construction, chances are you are often around heavy and dangerous machinery. You know that machinery can malfunction and you can be injured without warning. Even if the machines at your workplace are functioning properly, there are other reasons that you could be injured. You could slip and become injured; you could get a limb caught in machinery; so Read More..