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Will Contest Attorneys in NJ – A Must Have When Contesting A Will

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We’ve all heard about high-profile cases where someone dies without a will. This creates a complicated situation for loved ones and potential heirs. However, another problem with more even greater complications is when there is a will, but it is contested in court. When heirs contest a will in NJ, both the heirs and the executor should seek guidance from will contest attorneys. In Ne Read More..


Analysis of Employment Cluster of Job Creation Law Indonesia

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Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation Law ~ Manpower ~ Manpower development should ideally focus on the interests of the workforce, nevertheless, it must also take into consideration the interest of economy, socio-culture, government, business actors, and the public. Manpower development that is in line with national development requires legislations that carry the values of justice, certaint Read More..


Indonesian Government Regulation No. 34 Year 2021 on Expatriates

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Government Regulation No. 34 of 2021 on Utilization of Expatriates (GR 34/2021) GR 34/2021 lays emphasis for expatriate employers to prioritize the utilization of local Indonesian employees for certain positions with due regard to domestic labor market conditions. Expatriates hired by an employer may only work in specific positions dan for specific periods, as well as having the skills a Read More..