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Divorce Under Muslim Laws in Bangladesh

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In Islamic law, marriage is a legal and social contract between a man and woman. Marriage is an act of Sunnah in Islam and is strongly recommended; the age of marriage being whenever the individuals feel ready, financially and emotionally.Muslim law is based on the idea of saving marriage rather than ending it. But in some occasions this evil becomes a necessity, because when it is impossible for Read More..


Steps To Take For Handling A Divorce In Texas When You Were Married In A Different State

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There are numerous individuals from all across the country who move to Texas and make it their home. This is why there are many couples who live in Texas but who were married in different states. If spouses are wanting to divorce in the state of Texas, then before the divorce may be finalized a review of their property will first need to be conducted. Divorce attorneys in Houston can help with thi Read More..


Should Surrogacy Babies Get Child Support During A Divorce In Texas?

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Addressing Child Support During A Divorce In Texas Their marriage had been good for three years, and so celebrity couple Sherri Sheperd and Lamar Sally decided they would have a child together. The couple chose to have the child via a surrogate, signed a surrogacy contract, and had a child on July 28, 2014. However, this day of joy turned into a legacy of courtroom strife.How Did A Surrogacy Turn Read More..


Addresses Dating During Your Divorce in Texas

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n Texas, Can You Date Someone New While Waiting For Your Houston Divorce To Be Finalized?Going through a divorce is a time of major upheaval. Depending on your situation, you may have already moved into a new place. You also are most likely trying to wrap your head around the idea of starting a new life on your own. During this time of transition, it is only natural to begin thinking about the fut Read More..


Can A Divorce Lawyer Help You To Relocate Your Children?

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Can You Relocate With Your Kids To Another State From Texas Using A Divorce Attorney?Once you go through a divorce, it might seem challenging to get your life back on a good track, particularly if you’re simultaneously trying to navigate a new custody agreement while trying to move to another state. Before you leave the state with your children in tow, read this blog to educate yourself about th Read More..


Mediation’s Most Significant Benefits During A Divorce

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The Perks Of Having A Divorce Attorney Handle MediationShould you be among those interested in learning more about the positive aspects of mediation for resolving family law issues, it is wise to contact an attorney with a background in mediation.Thoughts On Mediation From John K. Grubb9 out of every 10 cases reach a resolution by way of mediation. I will meet with you in one spot while opposing c Read More..


Filing For Emergency Temporary Custody In Texas With A Child Custody Lawyer In Texas

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A Child Custody Lawyer In Texas Lists The 9 Steps To Follow When Filing For Emergency Temporary Custody In TX1. The Process of Filing Emergency Custody in TexasThe need for a skillful lawyer in obtaining an emergency custody temporarily in Texas will be essential. Please note that the information listed here is not to be considered legal advice but rather an overview of the legal situation involve Read More..


A Family Law Attorney In Texas Talks About The Consequences Of Lying About Money During A Divorce

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A Texas Family Law Attorney Explains The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lie About Your Finances When You Are Getting A DivorceAs if all of the emotional pain associated with filing for divorce is not bad enough, there is the difficult conflicts as well of potential child support obligations, spousal support, and the financial strain that accompanies it. Since your net resources determine what you pay Read More..


Things You Should And Should Not Do When Dealing With Prenuptial Agreements In Texas

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A Texas Prenup Lawyer Elaborates On Things You Should Do & Avoid Doing During A Prenup AgreementPrenuptial agreements are something that few people like to talk about, regardless of whether you live in Texas or any other part of the country. Bringing up financial matters with your future spouse can be a little bit tricky – especially when you are talking about which assets belong to which partne Read More..


I’m Getting Divorced, What Do I Do with the Credit Cards?

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During divorce, there’s a lot to think about: what do you do about custody, how much is it going to cost, where are you going to live? With all of that in mind, credit cards are probably low on your list of concerns, but the actions you take now can make a world of difference to your finances later.A survey by credit reporting agency Experian found that 50 percent of divorced people surveyed sai Read More..


How to Protect My Finances in Divorce

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Divorce is a financial upheaval – no question about that. In divorce, you lose the financial assistance of your spouse, which can have several implications. Taxes, retirement, mortgage, education – now, it’s all on you to take care of. So here are some tips for couples to help you stay afloat as you transition to your new, single-income life.Keep it civil. A surefire way of making a divorce Read More..



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The Higher level of education, awareness and independence of women in all strata of society has played a major in eliminating the ages old notion that they are destined to sacrifice and compromise, and not serve their significant half and his family as the purpose of their existence. Divorce lawyers all over India share experiences and stories of the requests and cases they receive from people Read More..


The Mediation Process in Family Law Cases

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If you’re considering a divorce in Texas, the courts may require you and your spouse to attend mediation before your case goes to trial. Because of this, it’s important to understand how mediation works and why it’s important to your case…Continue reading “The Mediation Process in Family Law Cases” Read More..


How Can I Hire a Best lawyer?

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No one likes a legal tension. But, when you are into it, hiring civil advocates in hyderabad is the cost effective and most easiest choice to bail you out of the condition. In contradiction of famous belief, lawyers are nothing to be scared of. Actually, their expertise and skill is the most consistent choice when it comes to staying away from the stress of disturbing legal fights. Irrespect Read More..


Divorce with the foreigner

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Dissolution of marriage with a foreigner is sometimes quite difficult process, because it is necessary to know certain legal aspects and features of the legislation of the foreigner`s country. In some countries litigation is a prerequisite for divorce, while in others the divorce process can last for several years and in such countries as Ireland, Argentina and Colombia divorce is prohibitive Read More..


Hauppauge Child Support Law

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Hauppauge Child Support Law deals with any legal matter entailing child support. We have many years of experience and have a proven track record of success with our cases. Read More..


What is Uncontested Divorce? And Why Should You Care?

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Uncontested divorces are frequent forms of divorce, which includes both parties coming to a definitive agreement, which ensures justice for both parties. There are two types of uncontested divorce: Collaborative and Mediated divorce. The first popular type is the collaborative form of divorce that a good divorce attorney can help out with so that the proceeding is done in the shortest amo Read More..