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  • Why Medical Records Are Important for Your Personal Injury Claim

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    Added On : 2019-05-14
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  • After a serious injury, your health is a major consideration for your claim in many ways. Your compensation should cover the costs of your medical care, using whatever treatment is reasonable to get you on the road to recovery.

    To include those costs in your claim, you’ll have to provide proof of your injuries and any subsequent care. The insurer might request to see your medical records. Speak to your lawyer about your medical records before you make any decisions. Those records can affect your claim—positively and negatively. An experienced lawyer can help you make the best decision for your case.

    Determining the Severity of Your Injuries

    When you’re injured, the insurance company will need to know just how severe your injuries are. In many cases, this determination will depend on interviews with you and your doctor. However, medical records can also help them determine the severity of your suffering.

    Your medical records may contain the information they need about the injuries you’ve suffered,the illnesses you’ve contracted, and treatment you’ve already gone through, depending on your claim type. These details help paint a better picture of the situation for the insurers, showing them how severe your injuries are from a more objective view.

    Pre-existing Injuries Can Affect Your Claim

    Your claim can be negatively affected by your medical records. For example, a pre-existing condition can decrease the amount you’ll receive for your accident.

    For example, let’s say you were in a car accident and suffered a concussion. You need medical care for the medical treatment and the rehabilitation you may have needed during recovery. However, you suffered a concussion a few years before this accident.

    Because concussions can be more serious if you’ve already suffered from head trauma before, they may claim that your injury on its own would have only been worth so much. Because of this, you and your lawyer may have to fight back for the full compensation you’re owed.

    Worried about Medical Records? Talk to Your Lawyer

    When you’ve suffered through a serious injury, your medical records can make a major difference in your claim.

    At the Henry Dailey Law Firm, we understand how important your medical records can be when dealing with a personal injury claim. That’s why we want to help, starting with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your current situation, how your medical records will affect your claim, and what we can do to help.

    If you’re struggling after a serious injury and you’re worried about your claim, reach out to an Alabama personal injury lawyer for help. To begin, give us a call at 205-995-2412 or visit us online for more information.