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  • New Mexico Bicycle Accidents

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    Added On : 2017-08-02
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  • If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in New Mexico, please contact the Potts Law Firm as soon as possible. We are experts in our field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the negotiating table. The sooner we get involved after your bicycle accident, the greater influence we will have on your case. We are able to handle all claims regarding your bicycle accident, and we will make sure you receive all the medical treatment you need in order to restore your health.

    The New Mexico Department of Health recently issued a report that deemed New Mexico as the nation’s second-deadliest state for bicyclists. The number of cyclist deaths per capita for New Mexico was second only to that of Florida in 2010-12, and 50 percent higher than the U.S. rate in that period, the New Mexico Department of Health said in a recent report. In 2013 alone, seven New Mexico cyclists were killed, 89 were hospitalized and 1,684 were treated for injuries at hospital emergency departments and released, according to the report.

    The reason for the high incident of bicycle accidents is due to the New Mexico’s high rates of substance abuse and lack of designated bicycle lanes.

    There are many things that need to be done after a New Mexico bicycle accident, including but not limited to forcing the Defendant insurance company to accept responsibility, making sure your car is timely inspected for repair or declared a total loss, setting up a rental car, and receiving any and all medical treatment necessary to get you back on your feet. It can be an overwhelming experience and one that you do not have to handle yourself.