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  • Most Common Distractions in Distracted Driving Accidents

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    Added On : 2018-08-31
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  • When you’re behind the wheel, you face plenty of hazards and problems that could cause a serious, even fatal, accident. However, as more teens enter the driver’s seat and cell phones become more popular, more focus than ever is being put on distracted driving.

    Driving requires your full attention, and if you’re in an accident, it can affect your case. Perhaps the other driver wasn’t paying attention and caused your accident. However, a distraction on your end could mean less compensation, even if you didn’t cause the accident.

    When you’re on the road, avoid these most common distractions to keep others safe and avoid a distracted driving accident.

    Cell Phone Use

    Cell phones are notorious for causing distracted driving accidents, and with good reason. Every year, thousands are killed by distracted driving, and cell phone use is one of the most common reasons.

    Many prevention efforts are aimed at teens, but cell phones are becoming more common than ever. It’s rare that someone doesn’t have a cell phone, so they’ve become a danger that all drivers need to be careful about.

    Using a cell phone behind the wheel is more than a hazard, however: it’s an offense that may get you a ticket. If you’re caught using a cell phone while driving, you could receive a $161 ticket. Take care to follow these rules and avoid a distracted-driving accident.

    Eating on the Go

    Many of us have had something to eat behind the wheel. Whether we needed a lunch break, or we’re snacking during a long drive, food is a common distraction for many drivers. However, it can also be a fatal distraction.

    It’s easier than ever to eat on the road, with so many fast food options and on-the-go containers, but keep in mind that, when someone focuses on their food, you’re the one endangered by their actions.

    Grooming Behind the Wheel

    We’ve all run late for work at some point, and many of us take the opportunity to finish makeup, brush hair, or otherwise get ready for the day. However, that can be a major distraction that might leave you with serious injuries.

    No matter how important it is, grooming yourself while driving is just as dangerous as texting or talking. When you or another driver are distracted, the chances of an accident are much higher.

    Get Help After a Distracted-Driving-Related Accident

    However, you might be hit because another person wasn’t cautious behind the wheel, and now you’re injured. A distraction be expensive, so when you’re injured in a distracted driving accident, consider contacting a lawyer.

    For a free consultation on your case, reach out to our attorneys from the Crowell Law Offices. Give us a call at 916-303-2800 or visit us online to get started.