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5 Effective Tips for Child Custody BattleArtcle Button

  • 5 Effective Tips for Child Custody Battle

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    Added On : 2017-04-04
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  • A child custody or conservatorship battle involves a lot of intricacies that can be emotionally taxing for both parents and the children. As the proceeding in the court of law is also a time taking process, it puts stress on finances too. Though many legal experts advise their clients to go for mediation, there are instances when taking legal service for child custody is unavoidable, either due to conflicting personalities or violent, abusive or self destructive behavior of one or both parties. If you are planning to take the legal route to conservatorship in Texas or any other state, it is important to be well-prepared to take control of the process that lies ahead. Continuing our discussion, the post discusses five tips to help you prepare for child custody battle.

    1. Consider Out of Court Settlement

    Fighting a custody battle in the court is not only exhausting and expensive, but is riskier too, for you never know what the judge makes out of your case. This is the reason why many custody legal aid providers in Austin, and other cities in Texas recommend clients to consider out of court settlement. Settling issues out of court can help you get a favorable outcome, and if things don’t work out you still have the option of going for trial.

    2. Minimize Children’s Exposure to the Proceedings

    The custody battle is between you and your estranged partner, and you never know when things may take an ugly turn. It is, therefore, your responsibility to shield your children from its effects. Avoid talking in front of them or to them about the case. Do not bad mouth or get involved in a fight with the other parent in front of them. Keep them away from the court proceedings completely, unless the judge orders or gives you permission to bring them to court.

    3. Refrain From Putting Allegations on your Ex

    According to the Texas Family Code, parents are required to encourage relationship of their children with the other parent. Many parents lie to their kids about the other parent, make up or exaggerate things about their EX, and even resort to false allegations or exaggerations, to restrict the children from meeting the other parent. Employing any of the tactics can destroy your credibility with a judge, which may affect the court’s custody decision and you may be in danger of losing your custody case.

    4. Don’t be in a Hurry to Move in with Someone Else

    Some counties in Texas have a ‘morality clause’ in place, wherein parties involved in child custody battle are not allowed to spend the night with another partner who they have a romantic relationship. So, moving in with someone you are romantically involved in means you would not be able to have the children overnight.

    5. Stay in Touch With Your Child

    Being a parent is enough of a reason to stay involved in the lives of your children. You need to check if they are eating properly and make sure that their studies are not impacted by the proceedings. From attending your children’s school conferences to meeting their teachers and getting their report cards, you must know about the activities going on in your children’s lives. Spending some quality time with your children will Strengthen your bond with them, which in turn can influence the court’s decision.

    Final Few Words...

    Following these advices can help you lessen the conservatorship stress a little. To ensure the judgement is in your favor, you need to present a strong case, for which you need to hire a reputable legal service provider. Whether you are fighting a child custody case in Austin or any nearby county in Texas, legal referral service provider can help you find a qualified lawyer without you having to run from pillar to post.