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Frquently Asked Questions

If you do not find answer to your question in the FAQs below, please contact a member of our support team at


Q1.How do i register myself?

A. Simply click on the "Register" link on the homepage and you will be guided through a simple, fast and easy process of registration. A verification mail will be sent to the email address that you provide during the registration.You have to click on the activation link provided in that mail to activate your account.


Q.2 Whether there are any charges for registration?

A. No, the registration is absolutely FREE.


Q.3 What is the benefit of registration?

A. Only registered users can submit a Listing in the Directories available on the website. Apart from this, some sections of the website are open only to the registered users and require the user to be logged in .

The registered users ,if they opt for it, will also get periodic Newsletters and promotional mails, absolutely FREE of cost, which will keep them updated about the contents and any new developments on the website.


Q. 4 I have not received the verification email ?

A.It is entirely possible that your mail client (like outlook ,outlook express etc.) might have accidently dumped the verification email in Junk Mail Folder or Spam Folder. Check these folders and move the mail to your inbox folder. If you are unable to find the email ,even in these folders then you may log in to visit “My Account” and request another verification email by clicking on "Resend Verification Mail".

It is advisable to save the sender address on verification email to safe senders list.


Q. 5 I am unable to change my registered email Id from My Account?

A.You can not change your registered email ID from my account.

If it is entirely necessary please email your request to with subject line "Change my email ID"

Global Law Directories

Q. 6 What are the categories of Listings in the Global Law Directories?

A. There are five categories of Listings - Lawyers, Law Firms, Allied Legal Services, Law Institutions and Law Organizations.The Allied Legal Services and Law Organizations have further sub-categories.


Q.7 What are the Types of Directory Listings?

A. There are two types of Directory Listings i.e. Basic and Premium.While the Basic Listing is absolutely FREE, the Premium Listing is available on payment of a nominal annual Fee.


Q.8 What is the difference between Basic and Premium Listing?

A. The difference between Basic and Premium Listing is displayed below:

Features Basic Listing Premium Listing
Display in Result Yes Yes
Contact info Display Yes Yes
Detailed Profile Display No Yes
Receieve Enquiries No Yes
Listing Fee (Annual) Free USD 40

Q.9 Who can submit a Listing ?

A.A Law Professional who falls under any of the five main categories or any subcategories may submit his Listing in the relevant directory.


Q.10 How do I submit my Listing?

A.After registration and activation of your account, you may Login to “My Account” and click on “Submit Directory Listing” link. Choose the relevant directory and submit the required information.


Q.11 I have submitted my Listing. When will it be visible?

A.Your Listing becomes visible immediately after submission. However,the same is also submitted to our editorial team for approval ,and if anything objectionable or offensive is found, the listing may be suspended or removed.


Q.12 I have made payment for a Premium Listing but why it is still being displayed as a Basic Listing ?

A.If you have made an online payment through a Credit Card, it takes some time to get confirmation of the payment from banking channels.Till such confirmation, your Listing shall remain displayed as a Basic Listing, and will be upgraded immediately on receipt of confirmation of payment.


Q.13 My Listing is appearing in search by location but does not appear when I try to search by Practice Area. Why ?

A. It is entirely possible that your Type of Listing is Basic, due to which it continues to be displayed in search by location but will not appear in search by Practice Areas. In case you have a Premium Listing, then it will also appear under the Practice Areas selected by you.

Q.14 What happens if I do not renew my Premium Listing?

A. After the expiry of Premium Listing, the same shall be displayed as a Basic Listing.


Q.15 Can the Basic Listing be upgraded to Premium Listing ?

A.Yes, you have the option to upgrade from Basic to Premium Listing at any time by clicking the "Upgrade Directory Listing" link displayed in “My Account” section and paying the Premium Listing Fee.


Q.16 How do I make the payments?

A.You can pay by a Credit Card or PayPal account.


Q.17 Are the payments made online at this website safe?

A.Yes,they are safe.We are using the services of PayPal and CCAvenue, which are renowned as highly secure and efficient payment gateways.